Code of Conduct

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In December 2018, our Board of Directors adopted a Code of Conduct that serves as the backbone of our Compliance and Ethics Program.  This helps foster a culture that promotes legal and ethical behavior and creates processes that detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and policy violations. 

For our affordable housing residents, we offer Open Lines to report concerns or compliments.  If you are a current resident and need to report a maintenance issue, please call (844) 999-9123.

For our senior living residents and senior services clients, we encourage you to report concerns or compliments directly to the administrator of your facility or agency.

However, at any time you may report violations of our code of conduct to our compliance line at (800) 211-2713.

The Compliance Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for callers to report compliance-related issues. Concerns that are reported to the Compliance Line are taken seriously. You can make calls to the Compliance Line without fear of reprisal, retaliation, or punishment for your actions. Anyone, including a supervisor, who retaliates against a Team member for contacting the Compliance Line or reporting a compliance issue in any other manner, will be disciplined. Calls to the Compliance Line may be made anonymously.